Lime and Ginger Tea

I am always being asked what I drink given that I don’t drink tea (as in black breakfast type tea with or without milk) or coffee at all. My Lime and Ginger Tea is my drink of choice early in the morning. Using fresh ginger, fresh lime and hot water – what could be easier? Drinking this, while sitting next to the little pond in my garden in the morning sunshine, is heavenly! I do like my morning “cup of tea”!

I reckon this helps to wake up my brain cells and gives me a morning kick, but it contains no caffeine to over stimulate my system. It’s great as part of my anti inflammatory diet.

Recipe for Lime and Ginger Tea
Lumps of raw ginger root – about 1/2 inch and roughly chopped will do.
A fresh lime chopped into quarters. You can use half a lime and save the rest in the fridge for later.
Boiling water.

Result:  Quick and easy Lime and Ginger Tea! 🙂

I usually buy unwaxed limes to make my tea. Most citrus fruits that are available in shops have been waxed to make them look shiny(!) so, if you are using any of the peel or zest in recipes, then it’s best to make sure that you buy unwaxed. If the lime is waxed then do not include the lumps of lime in the tea but instead use a reamer to extract the juice of the lime and add that to the hot water.

If you have no fresh ginger root then try using 1/4 teaspoon of ginger powder. I do not think it works so well as fresh ginger root, but nevertheless, it does work. Those with Histamine Intolerance please note that it is very likely you will do better with fresh ginger.

If you do not have a lime then an unwaxed lemon is a great substitute, however, I find that lime is more to my taste. For convenience, when I am traveling, I use lemon and ginger teabags as the nearest match.

For extra information, here is a link to Dr Greger’s video on about ginger for migraines.

PS: Just updating this to say there are ginger and lime infusions now available in the USA: Twinings Ginger & Lime - 20 Tea Bags x 4 Packs (80 Tea Bags) 

However I cannot find them on Amazon UK which seems crazy as they are shipped from England to the USA! I think I will have to go to Twinings in London to check these out!  I will let you know!

I am updating this to say that I have found you can buy them in the UK Supermarkets! 🙂



Lime and ginger tea

Lime and ginger tea by my garden pond.

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