Juicy pulp

Pulp rocks! or what to do with juicing pulp…

I am always being asked if pulp is useful or even edible? Of course it is. Vegetable fibre is good for the digestive system including the bowel and in any event, I have always taken the view that  my juicer does not extract all of the nutrients from the pulp  -” there’s more in  them there veggies”.

I drink vegetable juice to get more nutrients than I can eat in a day but I try to use the pulp as much as possible depending on what it is.

When I was very ill with severe dysbiosis of the gut, I discovered that I could drink a little juice with some fibre added back. I was advised  not to take antibiotics but to try taking a little pulp with my juice. After 3 months of very careful eating, my dysbiosis was a thing of the past and my gut was feeling a lot better.

I still often eat about 25% of my pulp added back to the juice. I usually separate different pulps out as I am juicing so I might juice carrots then empty the carrot pulp into a pot before juicing greens, for example.  I also add green or vegetable pulp to any soup I make. I stir pulp into my hummus. I added it to my falafels. I make raw cakes with my carrot pulp and I  also make dehydrated veggie biscuits. For a treat I make a kind of garlic bread out of my almond pulp left over from my almond milk.

If I am not feeling energetic I freeze it for later. I do not keep it in the refrigerator for than a day as I find it starts to ferment.   If all else fails I throw it onto my compost heap where it is loved by the wildlife that resides there.

Pulp rocks :)

PS. If you do suffer from dysbiosis of the gut please do talk to your medical adviser or dietician. I can only speak to what worked for me. I found I had radically to change my diet before I could clear up my gut issues! :)


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