A Travelling Vegan In Lapland

Update On A Now Travelling Vegan

I am really back this time.  I am now a “travelling vegan” learning how and where to eat as I go. I have been off on my travels since soon after my mother died, after her long battle with Alzheimers  and left me some money. I decided to spend it in the way she would have wished and to travel the world a little. Currently I am mostly travelling with a photographer friend.

My husband is doing well and has 24 hour care at home. He no longer notices if I am not at home all the time. My neighbour who has Alzheimers also has care giver  who I oversee. All good.

“A Travelling Vegan” is born.

So far, and since last April (2017), I have been to Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia (country),  Armenia, Philippines, North Finland and I go to Namibia, next week.  Being a vegan, eating in these different countries  is sometimes difficult but I have had some very pleasant surprises too. I will writing about it on a new blog “A Traveling Vegan” coming shortly.


A Travelling Vegan with Huskies



My Health

Thank you for all the enquires about my health. I still stick by and large to my strict vegan diet as prescribed by Dr Fuhrman  and I certainly know it when I don’t manage it. I never knowingly eat meat or any animal products.

I am very well in myself. If fact I am better than I have been for a long time and certainly fitter now, with running and weight training, than when I was in my 40s. I am very thankful that I am so well and that I can now travel. During those long days of illness I couldn’t manage to travel on a train without having an increase in symptoms, let alone on  a plane. Thank you Dr Fuhrman for setting me on my path back to health. I will say more about this in my next post.


A traveling Vegan Feed reindeer

Feeding reindeer with reindeer moss. I have not put on weight! I am just wearing many layers of clothes to keep warm!


Please remember to look out for my new website ” A travelling Vegan”.  I will let you know when its up and running.



My thanks to James Strachan for allowing me to use these photographs of me in Lapland, Finland.