Wild Food Cafe and The Reluctant Raw Foodist

Wonderful Wild Food Café and excellent course….

Wild Food Café  in colourful Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden, London, is my very favourite place to eat when I am in town. Go into Neal’s Yard and look up! Wild Food Café is above your head on the first floor.

Wild Food Café,  the much loved creation of Joel and Aiste,  is a raw-centric, vegan / vegetarian eatery where magic food is created every day.

Joel and Aiste are passionate about wild, fresh, rainbow-coloured ingredients and beautiful, exciting dishes created around the art and science of feeling great. They source the ingredients used in their restaurant from local independent suppliers and organic producers as much possible.  I love the fact that they always try to include wild foraged food in their recipes. It gives such an ” in touch with nature” feel to their  food which is always made fresh on the promises.

When you go and eat there, do be sure to take your camera phone as, I can assure you that, you will want to take photographs of your meals!  I hope I see you there sometime soon! 🙂

Wild Food Café Course….

So this weekend I attended the 2 day immersion course, a truly “Wild Intro to Raw Food”. Yum Yum YUM!


Creating my lunch on a Wild Food Cafe course

I created my own lunch… 🙂

This was 2 wonderful days packed full of love, laughter, raw food, exercise(!),  raw chocolate, excellent information, new friends, and fun. Playing with food and experimentation is very much encouraged.  Thank goodness, I have now met some other people who do not follow recipes to the letter!  Joel and Aiste, create their own brand of alchemy – the Alchemy of Appreciation. The not very artistic photo above was my attempt at a stuffed avocado with mango salad, mixed green leaves, alfalfa sprouts and flowers. I also sampled some fresh sea purslane which was divine.

Wild Food Cafe  - Aiste and Joel

Aiste and Joel.  Joel in full flow! 🙂

Raw Chocolate Cake

Oxana and I made a raw chocolate cake topped with fresh blueberry jam. It was not the best looking of cakes but it sure did taste good! 🙂











Courgette Bacon made on a Wild Food Cafe course with The Reluctant Raw Foodist

Courgette “Bacon” – it is amazing stuff!

Our Kale Chips!

Our Kale Chips!








Aiste of the Wild Food Cafe with The Reluctant Raw Foodist

Aiste show off the seaweed to advantage!

The reluctant Raw foodist on the Wild Food Cafe course

Me clutching some freshly made Kimchi that unfortunately got broken on the way home by a man in a hurry who did not look where he was going!  hey ho! 🙂

I didn’t take a group photo as such but, when I get the official one from Aiste, I will publish it here!

Thank you, Aiste and Joel, together with  those patient and kindly souls that continually did all the clearing and washing up with such good grace, from the Wild food Café.  Thank you to all the course participants. It was great to meet you all. It was an amazing weekend. I loved “playing with my food”! 🙂

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