A Travelling Vegan In Lapland

Update On A Now Travelling Vegan

I am really back this time.  I am now a “travelling vegan” learning how and where to eat as I go. I have been off on my travels since soon after my mother died, after her long battle with Alzheimers  and left me some money. I decided to spend it in the way she would have wished and to travel the world a little. Currently I am mostly travelling with a photographer friend.

My husband is doing well and has 24 hour care at home. He no longer notices if I am not at home all the time. My neighbour who has Alzheimers also has care giver  who I oversee. All good.

“A Travelling Vegan” is born.

So far, and since last April (2017), I have been to Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia (country),  Armenia, Philippines, North Finland and I go to Namibia, next week.  Being a vegan, eating in these different countries  is sometimes difficult but I have had some very pleasant surprises too. I will writing about it on a new blog “A Traveling Vegan” coming shortly.


A Travelling Vegan with Huskies



My Health

Thank you for all the enquires about my health. I still stick by and large to my strict vegan diet as prescribed by Dr Fuhrman  and I certainly know it when I don’t manage it. I never knowingly eat meat or any animal products.

I am very well in myself. If fact I am better than I have been for a long time and certainly fitter now, with running and weight training, than when I was in my 40s. I am very thankful that I am so well and that I can now travel. During those long days of illness I couldn’t manage to travel on a train without having an increase in symptoms, let alone on  a plane. Thank you Dr Fuhrman for setting me on my path back to health. I will say more about this in my next post.


A traveling Vegan Feed reindeer

Feeding reindeer with reindeer moss. I have not put on weight! I am just wearing many layers of clothes to keep warm!


Please remember to look out for my new website ” A travelling Vegan”.  I will let you know when its up and running.



My thanks to James Strachan for allowing me to use these photographs of me in Lapland, Finland.




The Reluctant Raw Foodist has returned..

I’m Back! Thank you for all the lovely messages!

I’m back!

So sorry to have been away so long! 🙂

What has been happening?

I have  taken time out to help to nurse my mother who was being nursed at home having Frontotemporal dementia. When  she died in June 2016 my brother and I arranged her funeral. I also lost my dear auntie to Alzheimer’s a month later. My husband who suffered 3 strokes at the ages of 60 and 61 is now 75 and requires continuous care at home.  He is now doubly incontinent  and has vascular dementia. My neighbour, who has lived in the house just next door to mine since 1981, is now 88 years old old and has ever worsening memory loss.  She is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Even the cat seems to have some dementia. I am surrounded!

Memory loss can be devastating . As a carer i am trying to find the  time and energy to get back to writing my blog.

Memory loss and brain aging due to dementia and alzheimer’s disease

Dementia is actually  a collection of diseases  that cause a long term and often gradual decrease in the ability to think and remember that is great enough to affect a person’s daily functioning. It is a terrible issue  to live with and to deal with as a carer because , it appears that the loved one disappears over a period of time.   For more information have a look at  this link back to Wikipedia. See also my own post on dementia. For those in need of urgent information there is a lot of information available on the web generally but it does pay dividends to look at several websites . Here is a link to the Dementia Society of America and here is another link to the Alzheimer’s Society here in the UK.


Over the last 7 years, of necessity,  I have become quite knowledgeable about caring for loved ones with dementia and I am thinking that maybe I will  set up my own website with information for  those with dementia and information about looking after the carer.


Back to what this blog is about!

Thank you all the lovely people who has sent me such kind messages. I have been overwhelmed by all the care. Thank you Thank you! I have also been going through some changes. I became 60 recently so a new decade! I have been amending my lifestyle to look after myself more and I have been dealing with some grief issues. I will say more about all these soon.

I have been finding life as a carer exhausting and have been meaning to come back here for some time but I never find the time so I am having to make my writing time  a priority.

So I am now going to get back right back to it!  See you very soon! 🙂

back to the veggies

Lovely food!

How Not To Die… What we didn’t know until now!

How not to Die? Hmm intriguing title! Latest on Immortality? With the book beside me as I type I have already had someone say that we all die eventually and ask so what is this all about?  This is Dr Greger’s excellent life changing new book and it packs a big punch right up front by informing us that there may be no such thing as dying from old age. Apparently current research shows that we actually die from diseases rather than old age! Think about it! Of course, the book is really about how not to die prematurely from diseases and how to live as healthily as possible. This is my dream book! I was very lucky to get an advanced copy. Mine is on order.

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Research into food choices causing dementia. Food for thought?

Dementia – Food for Thought?

Given that both my mother and my husband have quite advanced dementia, I have had to think and research about the possible causes of Alzheimer’s disease and the other kinds of dementia, and my research has led me back to a whole-food plant-based diet as being the best way to prevent brain decline in later years. Literally food for thought. By way of background my husband had a minor stroke in 2001, followed, in 2002. by a massive stroke from which I resuscitated him. Read more

Eating a salad a day is easy ....

My daily salad! ….

Give me my daily salad anytime! Wow! Never ever thought I would love salad! Growing up, I didn’t like my greens but then when I was a little girl, salad consisted of lettuce, tomato and cucumber with sugar sprinted over the lot! Yuk! I used to think that salad was a punishment food! Cabbage tended to boiled to death in salty water and then served smothered in butter. I feel a bit sick when I remember this now. Small wonder then that I didn’t make salad/ green veggies my first choice of foods later in life.

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Wild Food Cafe and The Reluctant Raw Foodist

Wonderful Wild Food Café and excellent course….

Wild Food Café  in colourful Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden, London, is my very favourite place to eat when I am in town. Go into Neal’s Yard and look up! Wild Food Café is above your head on the first floor.

Wild Food Café,  the much loved creation of Joel and Aiste,  is a raw-centric, vegan / vegetarian eatery where magic food is created every day.

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canal boat tales

Canal Boat Tales………..

Why canal boat tales? Last week I purchased a secondhand canal boat.  It is moored on the River Thames and will be there over the winter. It is going to be my retreat from all my caring duties. For those of you who do not know, I currently am responsible for  3 teams of carers and also do some personal care myself. My husband had debilitating  strokes some 15 years ago and although he can still walk with a Read more

Rubbing shoulders with death and The Reluctant Raw Foodist

Rubbing shoulders with death…..

Rubbing shoulders with death? Why on earth am I writing about this? Do I hear you say “wacky”? 🙂 Yup, maybe, but bear with me and maybe, just maybe, I can convince you that a quick shoulder rub  occasionally will make you feel more alive than ever before.   Please read on and decide for yourself… Read more

Super Healthy Supper Salad with The Reluctant Raw Foodist

Supper Salad Recipe

Typical supper salad recipe for me. This is what I ate last night so it is hot news. Well, except that of course it was raw! LOL! Making it took me about 5 minutes if that.

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Skin Writing - Ariana Page Russell

Skin Writing……

“Skin Writing” is one of my more interesting symptoms. First and foremost, please take a look at Ariana Page Russell’s beautiful art work here on her website.  Please also see her website about skin writing entitled  Skin To Me  or Skintome. for more detailed information and advice about this condition.  Ariana is the expert. She has also made her skin condition into a work of art. On her website, Ariana says she uses “her own hypersensitive flesh to illustrate the ways we expose, express, adorn and articulate ourselves”.  Ariana is an artist, a creativity coach, and has founded the Skintome movement. “She has taken her skin condition dermatographia and used it as a means of inspiration, connectivity, and purpose”. I love her work. Fabulous idea! Read more