At Cropredy Folk Rock Festival….

Audience at Cropredy Folk Rock Festival 600I am currently at the Fairport Conventions’s Cropedy Folk Rock Festival 2015 – a 3 day event.  Enjoying the fabulous  music, the wonderful people and the selection of food! Cropredy Folk Rock Festival is held in a little village called Cropredy near Banbury, Oxfordshire, UK, hence the name, and is the annual event of one of my very favourite bands, Fairport Convention.

It is quite a thing for me to be able to go traveling and stay away from home without worrying, in advance, about my food and taking huge amounts of food with me. I did bring some  nuts and seeds, a bag of salad and some fruit, but that was all.

I arrived here with a friend on Wednesday  afternoon. We ate out at Pizza Express on Wednesday evening and I had the Superfood Salad minus the mozzarella cheese and with the dressing on the side. I had started eating it before I took the photo LOL!

Dining out While at the Cropredy Folk Rock Festival

Dining out while at the Cropredy Folk Rock Festival

Often when traveling I sprinkle my own nuts and seeds on top of any salad and even add some sprouted beans, if the restaurant doesn’t mind, but this was a pretty good salad and I did not have all the usual stuff with me – Traveling light!

We arrived in Banbury on Wednesday in glorious sunshine! Some friendly German guys staying at our hotel even had a barbecue in the hotel carpark using the top of one of their cars as their table. Chris and I sat and chatted with them but declined the offer of the food saying that we had eaten.  I wasn’t expecting to be invited to an impromptu party  – Great fun!

Cropredy Folk Rock Festival – First impressions…

I love it! It is a fabulous festival and so friendly. Kids and dogs welcome! 🙂 Everyone smiles a lot. `I felt at home at once! Clean toilets!!! Thank you, guys for your diligence and the stacks of toilet rolls! 🙂

Wet and happy at the Cropredy Folk Rock Festival

Happy and wet at Cropredy

The usual british weather! We brits are renowned for talking about the weather! Ha ha! The lovely August weather disappeared. Of course it did! This is the UK!! We were lucky though as we only had a couple of showers during the whole day until about 9pm  – then the heavens opened!

Still nobody stopped smiling! Thank you, Steve, for telling me to pack waterproof clothing! As soon as we got these things on the rain stopped  – on this occasion – but we were soaked later.


Still 2 more days to go and tomorrow I review the available food at the Cropredy Folk Rock Festival.  – I have been pleasantly surprised ! 🙂 See this post for the vegan and veggie food available!

The photo is me and Chris in the rain  – neither of us is wearing any make up  – I will post more about “face paint'” and Mast Cell Activation Disorder (MCAD) issues soon.   Just realised now that I was wearing my reading glasses to take this selfie! LOL!

Su and Chris at Cropredy Folk Rock Festival

Su and Chris at the Festival


Thank you Fairport Convention for a wonderful time!

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