Super Healthy Supper Salad with The Reluctant Raw Foodist

Supper Salad Recipe

Typical supper salad recipe for me. This is what I ate last night so it is hot news. Well, except that of course it was raw! LOL! Making it took me about 5 minutes if that.

I make a salad everyday unless I am away from home with no food choices. At those times  I may eat what I can, usually I have fruit and celery sticks with me, or I will eat a plain cooked sweet potato or white potato.

Salad greens are king in terms on an anti inflammatory diet and I eat them everyday often several times a day.

I can remember a time when I could sit at my desk eating a bag of sweets but now it is likely to be a bag of green salad! I hated salad as a child . It always consisted of  of lettuce, tomato and cucumber. My mother used to offer me sugar or salt to sprinkle on top! I thought it was something I would never eat again.

Later in life I learned to mask the flavours with heavy rich fattening toppings. Not any more! I love my salad flavours and I can make a different tasting salad every day with the wide variety of fruits and veggies that are available. Yum!


Supper Salad Recipe


Bag of salad leaves – baby red lettuce, baby green lettuce, baby rocket

1/2 courgette (zucchini) chopped – I sometimes make spirals but was in a fast chopping mood last night!

Big slice of red cabbage shredded

carrot made into long strips with the veggie peeler until I got fed up and chopped.  Note to self: I need a new veggie peeler!

Supper salad Red spring onion I found in the supermarket

My red Spring Onions  – A find in my local shop today!

a large red spring onion (scallion in the USA?)  I found these at the Super Market and had to try! :)

Stick of celery chopped

!/4 of avocado chopped

8 walnut halves

4 cherry tomatoes

A little freshly squeezed lemon juice

Some fresh basil leaves pick fresh off my basil plant growing on my window sill. Imparted an Italian flavour to the dish.

A dash of cider vinegar or balsamic vinegar (Histamine intolerant people please note: if you tolerate it. I can use a little now but then my diet is generally low in histamine anyway.)

There you go: simple Supper Salad. I didn’t add sprouted beans  this time as I didn’t have any in the fridge but usually do if I have some.

I was not at all hungry after eating this, in fact, I left some as I was full but, of course, you can add cooked beans, more seeds, and even a jacket sweet potato (cooked) for added food.

My Supper Salad - The reluctant Raw Foodist

My Supper Salad















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