Fairport Convention - annual festival at Cropredy

Eating Vegan at the Fairport Convention Festival…

Fairport Convention are one of my favourite bands. I love watching them perform live and have seen them 3 times this year! LOL. I am a groupie!!! I loved every minute of the Cropredy Folk Rock Festival 2015 and didn’t want to come home!  I used to front a rock band, many years ago, and also I sang with a folk duo in my early teens. As soon as I see Fairport Convention  perform I am right back there, singing away. My guitar is definitely coming back out of the attic! Not sure why I ever put it away!

I didn’t get a tee shirt. Sold out before I managed to get into the merchandise tent!! never seen such queues! So I bought an old one from a charity tent! Big enough to fit me and 2 others!

I am not here to talk about the music although the line up was excellent.  My favs included: Tradarrr, Fish, Skerryvore, Skinny Lister, Richard Digance, Paul Carrack, The Proclaimers and The Newgrass Cutters but all the music was fab.   Please refer to Fairport Convention’s Cropredy Festival  info to know more! 🙂 See also my previous post for some more photos etc .

I loved the music stall at the festival. I think it was selling musical instruments. It was actually full of people making music!

Of course, I am here to talk about the food! LOL! It was really great to be able to find vegan food and even some raw vegan food! I arrived on the field thinking that I would have to provide my own eats only to find that I could actually eat! Yahay!! This was amazing for me! So often I am the one with my own salad in a large bag, looking on as everyone else ahas a choice of food! ! In fact the only day I did buy a bag of salad to take into the festival, my friend Christine promptly left it in the taxi cab by mistake. I watched as the cab driver unknowingly made off with my salad! Bye bye salad! Easy come easy go!

I need not have worried. Help was at hand. Vegan food and some of it raw vegan at that! Thank you, Fairport Convention for such excellent foresight. You must have known I was coming! 🙂

Fairport Convention 2015 – Vegan Food

Fairport Convention Cropredy Vegan Food

Vegan stall at Fairport Convention’s Cropedy Folk Rock Festival 2015

I have these people to thank for supplying me with green tea and salad with hummous! I was a happy girl once I realised I could eat their food without a reaction. I didn’t eat the wholemeal bread pitta my food was served in but it looked delicious. I really don’t eat bread much now. The staff were excellent at indicating what I could eat and giving me a list of the whole food ingredients.  The food was excellent and tasted fresh during the 3 days. Believe me, I would know if it wasn’t as I am still highly sensitive to fermentation.  It is apparently a family run business called Mobile Veggie Food and their website is here – thank you, Barry and Peter Tiffen for being inspired to create healthy veggie dishes after you could not find any healthy food to eat at a concert!

I have to mention Leon’s Vegetarian Cuisine. Website here    Great curries, veggie and vegan as well as excellent salads.  I ate a little of the curry and it tasted great. Being away from home and with Histamine Intolerance issues I was careful not to eat too much just in case it sent me queuing for what I have to say were the cleanest portals at a festival ever.  This is absolutely no reflection on Leon’s curry which was lovely and all freshly made, it’s just that I know my limits with some spices. I love them but sometimes they don’t love me back. I would definitely try this curry at home! LOL. Loved the freshly made salad! Thank you, Leon.

Fairport Convention's Cropredy Festival 2015 veggie food

Leon’s Vegetarian Cuisine

Fairport Convention's Cropredy Festival 2015 Leon's veggie Food

Leon on his Veggie food stall!








The festival was great! For me, the availability of food I could eat, made the festival as I didn’t have to worry about my food. I was free to enjoy the atmosphere, the music, the amazing outfits worn by the audience – it seemed everybody was dressed up in their festival finery, the familis with their lovely happy children, the friendliness of every one I met,  and the mass morris dance performed by the white hankie waving 20K+ festival goers!

Blooming brilliant! I will definitely be going back! 🙂

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