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Don’t throw away the cooking pots…..

I wanted to share with you  some cooked foods that I still think are important to eat. As you know, I eat a high raw diet. The main staples are a raw salad every day, a green juice and a lot of fruit. In my quest for my health recovery I have … [Read more]

“Eating junk food is a form of self harm”

This is one of my often re-blogged quotes on Tumblr. I get a lot of reactions to it, some very angry. For me junk food is a form of self harm as I have extreme reactions to a lot of foods and especially to sugar and yeasty products and these can … [Read more]

Pulp rocks! or what to do with juicing pulp…

I am always being asked if pulp is useful or even edible?  Of course it is. Vegetable fibre is good for the digestive system including the bowel and in any event, I have always taken the view that  my  juicer does not extract all of the nutrients … [Read more]

Going Raw…part 1

I have been asked how I changed my diet.  Actually if I had known then what I now know I would have tried to change it a lot more rapidly than I actually did. I dawdled my way through my dietary changes as I had no one really to guide me. I … [Read more]

“What you eat today has to … …make your heart beat tomorrow …

...and create new blood, renew your bone marrow, fuel your brain, ease your mind, make your lungs work, support your immune system, heal your skin (including that tattoo you had done yesterday), keep your digestive system working smoothly, lubricate … [Read more]

10 Top Tips for Going Raw

Coming soon to my mailing list.. Please join me to receive your free copy. x … [Read more]

Toxic Cravings… Or How to sabotage your efforts to lose weight, gain health, change habits…

  Cravings are part of life. I think we all have them.  I know I do. Being told to change my diet radically was the most difficult thing I have ever done  as I had to radically rethink my diet  and lifestyle and I had no one to help me to … [Read more]

Excited about body hair???… I am!!!

I am sooo very excited. My body hair is returning.. I never ever thought I would say this but it is wonderful to see hair on my legs again! All my early life I was plagued with body hair. Eyebrows( I almost had a unibrow), armpits, arms navel, … [Read more]

The Power of Herbs … part 1

Since changing my diet and lifestyle I only use fresh herbs in any recipe. I find they taste fantastic. They are so fresh, and of course, I do not usually have any nasty reactions to them in the way that I do to some dried herbs which can send my … [Read more]

Smoothie in the pink!

  I make it a rule to drink at least one fruit smoothie a day, usually for breakfast. I find that with my health issues, smoothies are easy on my digestive system.  I find raw food easy to digest now. I will be sending the recipe for this … [Read more]